Sunday, November 30, 2008

Auto Insurance You Can Buy Online

HOUSTON, Dec. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- In these days of technology, consumers have the option of buying their car insurance policy online from various quality companies.

There are over States farm insurance pets in the U.

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ask the Insurance Guy: Lyme Disease and Medicare Plans

Dear Insurance Guy,. Tis the season for those of us with Medicare to choose Medicare supplement and replacement plans. Each of the sales people who are pitching these plans smile and say, "...

Qatar International to launch Islamic insurance firm

Qatar International Islamic Bank has announced it plans to set up an Islamic insurance company in Syria, reported Gulf News. The company will own 20 per cent of the new venture, according to a statement given to the Qatari bourse.

Medicare Alternatives with AARP Health Insurance

AARP Health Care Options has been providing research on health care to consumers for a long time.

Medical Insurance For Your Life Guarantee

When I still teenager, healthy life is really ignorance. My physical still strong and now I realize when already have family, I must have medical insurance.

Part Three - Insurance Riders: Do I Need One?

This is the last part of the article “Insurance Riders: Do I Need One?” written by our guest insurance blogger, Stephen Hadhazi. How much coverage is enough? Do I need to buy extra riders to cover the contents in my home?